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Beach Cleaning Tool

quiet, easy, Eco friendly way to clean and groom any sand area


The "patented" Sand Cleaning Tool is a Eco-friendly beach cleaner, grooming device, designed to clean, groom, and comb any sand surface in need of a quick, quiet, and easy touching up. It is perfect for those daily surface cleanings and when you do not want to disturb quest on the beach.


The sand cleaning tool (Sandragin) is ideal for times between the thorough cleaning of other mechanical beach cleaning equipment. Excellent for a quick grooming/cleaning between those Competition Beach Volleyball Tournaments. Perfect for sand cleaning around those outdoor TiKi Bars were cigarette filters find their way to the sand. Quickly removes those unwanted stones in golf bunkers or sand traps. Can help to remove those harden TarBalls after an environmental disaster occurs. Easily can be used by anyone. More convenient than a hand raking with a conventional hand rake or other tool. It glides along the sand surface instead of sinking into the sand. The tool will be available in 18" and 24" inch working widths, others sizes may follow. Completely made from aluminum for years of service.


Because of its size and weight, this beach cleaning hand tool is ideal for any sand area including small secluded private islands or anywhere mechanical equipment will not fit. Will ship easily anywhere in the world, avoiding costly freight charges associated with heavier motorized mechanical equipment.


The Sandragin will be available exclusively at CleanSands, Inc. and will complete their full line of beach cleaning equipment and tools. From the Sand Cleaning tool, the Barracuda walk behind, or their heavy-duty tractor attached models, CleanSands has you covered for all your beach cleaning equipment and accessories needs.

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Sand Cleaning Tool, Beach Cleaner, Beach Cleaning

Sifting Small Debris

Sand Cleaning Tool, Beach Cleaning Tool, Beach Cleaner

Easy to Empty

Beach Cleaning, Sand Sifting Tool, Beach Cleaner

Easy to


18" or 24" working width, all aluminum construction 

Sand Cleaning Tool patented (2).jpg

Excellent for Beach Volleyball Courts - to groom before and between tournaments or areas that collect cigarette butts/filters

Eaxample of the need of Beach Sand Cleaning Tool
CleanSands offers a full line of sand sifting equipment from the Fully Electric and gas powered Delfino, Barracuda walk-behinds to the Heavy-Duty tractor attached models
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